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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  December 22, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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and they're off. >> the preakness saved, with the future in jeopardy. the governor announces it will keep the second part of the tripy crown here in maryland. -- triple crown here in maryland. >> we start with breaking news. governor martin o'malley releases a statement, saying there is a new deal on the table. wjz is live in the newsroom. pat warren is breaking down the details. >> that's right, adam. the governor called everybody together this morning to try to reach a settlement in this dispute that has had the racing industry teetering on the edge of disaster. after weeks of conflict over the number of racing days the track owners could afford to run, and the number of days horsemen needed to still make enough to live on, an agreement has been reached that will safeguard not only live racing in the state, but the preakness as well. maryland's horse industry employs more than 28,000 people, with an economic impact
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of more than $1.5 billion. and the preakness stakes is the biggest annual sporting event in maryland. the proposal has to be written out and submitted to the racing for approval. so details haven't been released yet, adam. >> i know you'll be flushing out the details. we'll have more on the breaking story tonight at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00. our other breaking news story this noon, we're watching the weather. the big concern and question mark is question weekend. weather team ny snow? is closely watching the system. let's start with bernadette woods. bern, are you tracking all of these models? what is going to happen. >> i want to show you first warning doppler radar. a couple of flurries out there at this point. that's because of the clipper system we were tracking for a few days. really weakened. but it has brought clouds and a few flurries. we want to show you on this regional perspective. if you're out and about this
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afternoon, probably seeing a few flurries. sunshine returning for the afternoon. and a new round of cold air moving our way. now, that's going to set the stage for what happens this weekend. and this is still a couple of days out. so there are a few changes we have been talking about. for more on that, we'll send it over to marty. >> hey, bern. check it out. i'm looking north and northwest. starting to see a lot of blue sky. still looks like sunshine is not that far from your neighborhood. what is far away from your neighborhood right now is an area of low pressure. let's take a look at the graphic. it's just now coming ashore on the pacific coast. and this is the consternation that we're dealing with. we have been talking about a storm that hasn't even entered the united states yet. when it does, it's going to cause all sorts of problems for the west coast flooding, mud slide and associated issues. by christmas eve, it is going to be sitting just down to our immediate west and southwest.
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those lines are the telling story. right now, there's no way to say it's going to go here or there. but a difference in either of those lines of maybe 50, 75 miles, can dramatically affect and/or change the forecast. christmas eve is friday. what we're talking about now is potentially a sunday issue. those are very close together. what's the big deal? well, that location is a very bick deal. so when you hear any forecast over the next few days, understand, a lot of this is based on computer models. and computer models themselves have a history when it comes to our portion of the mid- atlantic. so we know there's a low- pressure system coming ashore on the southern california coast. we know that by christmas eve, it's going to be kind of over the upper tennessee valley. question is, what to do the next day and a half after. meteorologist bernadette woods is going to start to expand on
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this discussion and we'll have a complete look at what could potentially be a snowstorm day after christmas, for somebody somewhere. during our first warning weather segment. now, let's throw it back inside. >> thank you very much, marty. for the late evaluate on the potential storm, go to new clues today surrounding a man in baltimore. that fire may have been the result of a dispute at a local nightclub. ron matz is live with the latest on this investigation. >> reporter: police in the city aren't saying much about the investigation. but we have learned, they're examining whether ellis mccall junior was attacked because of an altercation at work. friends believed some men who mccall kicked out of a club, followed him home, beat him and then set the house on fire. according to the sun, mccall
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worked as a bartender at the lounge. right now, police have not named any suspects in this case. more than a month after a university of miami student in maryland is killed in a hit-and- run accident. 45-year-old valentina hutch is now charged with leaving the scene of a crash. police say they used her vehicle to hit jared paul hutch. landmark legislation, after almost two decades, don't ask, don't tell is history. president obama just signed a new law that allows gays and lesbians to serve openly in the u.s. military. whit johnson reports for wjz from washington. >> reporter: with his signature, president obama repealed the don't ask, don't tell. the new law allows gays to
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serve openly in the armed forces. >> no longer will tens of thousands of americans in uniform be asked to live a lie. >> 500 came to watch the signing. and they cheered the president as he entered the room. >> thank you. yes, we did. >> reporter: but for pepe johnson, the new law comes seven years too late. he was discharged in 2003, after admitting to superiors that he's gay. >> i really felt that don't ask, don't tell, this law, was wrong. >> reporter: president obama campaigned on a promise to repeal don't ask, don't tell. today's signing is just the first step. the military says it will take months to put the new law into effect. >> 2965 is adopted. >> congress passed the bill, but not without a fight. some argued it could become a distraction to troops on the front line. since don't ask, don't tell was put into effect in 1993, over 13,000 members of the military have been kicked out.
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>> i hope those soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, coast guardsmen, who have been discharged under this discriminatory policy, will seek to reenlist, once the repeal is implemented. >> that's what pepe johnson plans to do. he plans to rejoin, with hopes of becoming a career soldier. whit johnson, cbs news, the white house. >> and the white house said that president obama spoke tuesday with the joint chiefs who assured them, that even though some of them had opposed the change in the past, they will now work to support it and implement it quickly. lawmakers hope to hold a test vote on the 9/11 health bill. it would give aid to survivors and responders who got sick tracing through the ruins after the september 11th attacks. it would provide up to $6.2 billion in medical and economic benefits, paid for by closing a corporate tax loophole. however, some are still concerned that some republican legislation may stall that
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final vote. ravens are preparing to make a big push into the play- off, but first, they have to go head to head with an old division rival. ravens players say they are not looking past the cleveland browns. pretty safe bet since the browns have beaten some teams here. patriots and the saints. nemples, coach john harbaugh is 5-0 against the browns. and a win for the ravens puts them in the play-offs. of course, you can watch all of the action from your sofa, at 1:00. and as soon as the game is over, be sure to stick around for reaction from players and ravens and the post game show. that's with mark and marty. wjz is your home, exclusive home, for ravens football this coming sunday. still to come on wjz eyewitness news at noon today. some evacuations increasing as a monster storm continues, hammering states out west. why crews are now telling homeowners they need to head for higher ground. and boy, these girls can sure shoot some hoops. an historic achievement from
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the connecticut women's basketball team. take another live look outside this noon. meteorologist bernadette woods will be back with your first full warning weather forecast. ,,,,,,,,
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even more damage in california, as that area continues to be hit by heavy storms. nonstop raining has triggered heavy flooding. check out this video. more than 200 homes have been evacuated in the los angeles suburbs. they have a history of mudslides. emergency crews say the storms have already created some very close calls. >> we made nine rescues in 14 hours. and luckily, they turned -- turned out okay. but those could have been nine fatalities just as easily. >> intense storms are yet to come. more rain possible. a devastating fire claims the lives of two firefighters in chicago. this was the scene moments ago, as crews search frantically for at least four firefighters. they were buried under a collapsed wall. all of the firefighters have now been pulled from the rubble. but two have died in the
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hospital. in all, 16 firefighters were hurt. six are now in critical condition. well, it's a feat never before achieved in college sorts. yukon women won their 88th game in a row. and that also got a call from a special fan. >> mr. president, i appreciate that. it's an incredible thing that these kids have done. and we owe you a little bit of gratitude. that lesson you gave them on the white house basketball court really paid off. >> that was the coach on the phone there, with president barack obama, asking his-- offering his congratulations. it breaks record set by ucla, back in 1974. a lot more still ahead on wjz's eyewitness news at noon. let's take another live look outside. and stay tuned. we're starting to see some blue skies out there. meteorologist bernadette woods will be back in about 2 1/2
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minutes, with your first warning weather forecast. first, here's a look at today's midday stocks and last night's winning lottery numbers. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back, everybody. we're still dealing with some flurries out there on the radar. because of that clipper system that passing by to the north. you can see, as we put that in
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motion. that's what people are doing to pick up. are starting. but they'll really pick up tonight and tomorrow and bring in another round of cold air. not quite as harsh as it has been a lot of that month. feels like 32 in baltimore. 27 in ocean city. 20 degrees in oakland. here's that first system. here's the big monster one, making its way in today. that's going to factor into our forecast as we head in through the week. first, we take you in through the next few days. high pressure builds in with the gusty winds. and through friday, we don't see anything going on around here. that takes us through friday. now, we'll take you into the weekend. that storm will make its way across the south saturday. and one thing we know compared to yesterday. it's moving slower. if we get this it will be more
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so sunday into monday. there's a good chance it could head out to sea like last week. one thing we know for certain from yesterday is that it is probably going to move slower. so the forecast for today, before we even get to this welcome. we're looking at a few of those flurries right now. but clouds mixing in with sunshine. breezy. we go down to 24. tomorrow, gusty winds. 37 degrees for our high. and the wind chill will make it feel like it's in the 20s most of the afternoon. and pretty quiet conditions for friday. for the next few days, wrapping up all of your errands and traveling around. if we get this storm, earliest, we've thinking would be overnight saturday into sunday. not as much white christmas. >> good for travelers. last-minute shoppers. >> can get all of that done. >> if you like the snow, how
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about skiing? >> as part of our continuing community commitment, wjz and checkpoint strikeforce are joining together to remind everyone to use a designated driver. if you're life has been touched by drinking and driving, go to and send us your comments. click on the safe driver link. it's just down there on the home page. on the right side. still to come on eyewitness news at noon. according to a new study, less teenagers are getting pregnant. what is driving that trend? and here are the top stories at at this hour. for ibstant updates and all the day's news, log onto ,,
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a new government report finds finds that teenage girls are having fewer babies. teen birth rates are at their lowest level since health officials started tracking that information. experts say the recession and a decline in immigration are likely reasons why teenagers are having fewer babies. and there could be a new way to tell which children will get over their dyslexia. a stanford university study shows that brain imaging can now predict which teens with dyslexia can learn to read
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within three years. researchers use the scan to identify brain activity that alows dyslexics to overcome reading problems. be sure to check in with wjz's eyewitness news today at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. caught on tape. raging floodwaters sweep through a desert town, leaving homes literally washed away. and saving endangered turtles. happening right here in baltimore. we'll explain how they did it and how these turtles almost died as a result of the weather. join us for these stories and all the day's breaking news at 4:00. that's right after dr. phil. stay with us. the five-day forecast is coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back, everybody. here's the five-day forecast. >> i'm going to give myself a holiday present. i'm going to ignore saturday and sunday. >> okay. >> i think we covered it enough. it's clearly a situation influx. i would check out bern's bern's blog. and just keep yourself informed on all of this. i want to note, though, that it looks like pretty calm for that last minute. 37 tomorrow. 38 on friday. christmas day is not going to be a bad day. we will be clouding up with a high of 36 degrees. and then coin toss at midfield. do you choose to kick or receive? let's throw it back inside. >> good question.
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>> that was an analogy, wasn't it? >> that is a good analogy. yes, we'll be tracking this one, everybody. and obviously you want to stay tuned with this one. finally, this noon, it's a bar in minnesota, where almost everything is on the rocks. and that includes the furniture. from the glasses to the walls, the ice lounge is completely made of ice. patrons say they get a little cold. but that's part of the,,,,,,,,,,
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